An ode to my walking boots

Yup, really. I have the best walking boots by far. They are the WV Sport Waterproof Hiking Boots from Will’s Vegan Store. This isn’t sponsored in any way, and I paid for my boots myself last year, I just love them. And how they’ve been worth every penny during Covid-19 lockdown in the UK.

waterproof vegan hiking boots

I previously had a pair of battered old North Face trainers that I’d seriously had for over 10 years before they started letting water in. I had two essential criteria for my new boots:

  • Vegan
  • Boots rather than trainers (wobbly ankles)

Within reason, I didn’t mind the cost, as I was hoping that whatever I bought would last, and I think my old pair were around the £90 mark. 

My Will’s Vegan Store boots came in at £116, with speedy delivery and all the packaging is carbon neutral: untreated brown paper, no plastic and no Russian Doll-style packaging. Somehow they still looked stylishly packed.

Despite being heavy-duty with a thick sole and being waterproof, they are surprisingly light and were really comfy from the moment I put them on. I’m a piscean, so rubbing shoes, blisters and sore feet were to be expected, but these boots needed NO breaking in. From the first wear they felt like I’d worn them forever (in a good way).

I’ve worn them at every opportunity, even when a pair of trainers would have done the job, I just love putting them on. In fact, there is a sense of calm that comes over me every time I slip my feet in my boots and lace them up.

hiking boots in the mud

This has been particularly useful over the last 13 weeks or so, from the initial ‘lockdown’ announcement and daily briefings, I found I needed to get out the house and look at the trees, watch hares race across fields, and hear nothing but bird-song. While March 2020 onwards has been difficult, I’m incredibly grateful for many things that I won’t list here because they are so far from a humblebrag and because I know everyone has had a different experience.

I’ve spent many hours exploring the lanes, footpaths and farmland (where allowed) alone near my home over the last couple of months; and being able to lace up my boots and stomp through fields has brought me physical and mental relief. The anxiety or muscle tightness I might feel as I head out the door will be stalled at a stile or trapped in a kissing gate.

If you’re looking for a new pair of walking boots, I highly recommend the WV Waterproof Hiking Boots. I can’t promise they’ll be as emotionally supportive as mine, but for foot and ankle support, you’ll be sorted.

path through a sunny field




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