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2FOR20: What is it?

How would you like to be able to have an adventure every month for a year and have change from £250? Well, that’s the guiding principle behind 2FOR20. Whether you’re saving up, paying off or you simply have too much month left at the end of your money, I’ve got you covered.

Two people. £20. One great day out. It’s that simple.

Also expect 2FOR30 and 2FOR40 – if you’ve got a little more to play with or want to use your budget differently. 

I’ll detail the breakdown of costs for each day out if you want to recreate it; but I’d really love you to use the hashtag #2FOR20 in your social media posts so I can see what you’ve been upto.


A few things to note

As this is a personal blog, opinions and recommendations are subjective. I’ll do my best to keep information (including costs) as up to date as I can, but I suggest you double-check where possible yourself.

I don’t include petrol / travel costs in the cost of my days out, unless that is the activity, eg, a boat ride. This is simply because with my job and living in a semi-rural village at least 40 minutes to my nearest friend/family, I always have petrol in my car. If we are travelling a distance for a day out, I’ll try and include how much petrol I use, but this will vary depending on your car size, where you’re travelling to etc.


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